It’s easy to change managers

Not happy with the performance of your strata manager? Are they failing to meet your expectations? The new Strata Schemes Management Act makes changing managers easier than ever. Not only do contracts now expire on their end date, but a managing agent must inform the committee at least three months prior to the end of your agreement. This gives the committee time to review the contract and the managing agent.

It's Easy

Change your strata manager in three simple steps:
1. Get a quote.

Choose an experienced strata manager with a strong reputation, and the resources to efficiently and effectively manage your scheme. Strata Real Estate Services has more than 60 years’ experience in strata management, as well as an exclusive, online portal to complement our services.

2. Request a meeting.

At your annual general meeting (AGM) or an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), call a motion to switch strata managers. We can provide this for you, as well as organise a meeting, free of charge if you feel uncomfortable raising this with your existing manager. We will arrange an agency agreement for signing.

3. Give notice.

We can formally notify your current strata manager of the termination if you do not wish to do this. We will arrange for handover of records, and advise you when your scheme is up and running with us.

Call us for more information, or click Request a Quote to obtain a no-obligation quote for management.