Who We Are

Strata Real Estate Services

Strata Real Estate Services has developed the process and methodology on which our reputation is based upon since 1957. Our complete strata management solution is the extension of a system grounded in our consistent, traditional and reliable service. As such, our company is unparalleled throughout Sydney in offering strata management.

As a founding company of the Strata Management industry in NSW, Strata Real Estate Services empowers owners corporations through affordable property management technology and long term service for schemes of any size. The business has been in the family since 1957. Our complete management solution has been made possible by the unique combination of the tried and tested processes and methodology of Strata Real Estate Services, through the exclusive access to the revolutionary Strata Manage IT online system.

Murray Cameron

Murray Cameron is the owner and operator of Strata Real Estate Services. Prior to Strata Real Estate Services, his career spans Hotel Management, Building Management, Real Estate Development, Property and Sales team Management, Strata Management.

In these industries, he has progressively acquired customer service, team leadership, IT, human resources, and finance skills. Utilising these skills, he has run the largest building management company in NSW, run a group of accommodation hotels in 3 states covering over 500 rooms, won the Real Estate industry IT award and lead a team of Double Bay real estate professionals – just to name a few strengths. He has lectured on strata at TAFE NSW and at industry forums on "serviced apartment accommodation". He has held a Real Estate Licence in 2 states and currently holds an NSW licence 844443 (since 1994).

He is also a director/owner of Real Facilities Management.

As Managing Director of Strata Real Estate Services, he heads up a dedicated team of admin and strata professionals ready to be of service to you.

What we do

Strata Real Estate Services is unrivalled in providing a complete strata management solution that is at the forefront of industry best practice and technological innovation. Our comprehensive management solution is suited to schemes of all sizes; whether that be 2 lots or 200+. Our service is best complemented by active, engaged committees, who we work closely with to deliver favourable results.

We deliver a revolutionary interactive service that is instant, transparent and compliant. This makes the whole process of managing your strata property far easier than ever before for the committee responsible for managing a scheme, as well as for all owners within a scheme

We achieve Easy Strata Living for our clients in three key ways:
1. Service Choice - Full Service, or Assisted Service
2. Fixed Price - no surprises; cost effective
3. Private Scheme Website - fully interactive online system that enables case tracking, invoice approval and greater operational efficiency.

Our unique Service Choice Agreement allows us to provide the right level of service (and costs) to large and small schemes alike… no more one size fits all.

Never before has a strata management company been able to offer the members of Owners Corporations a choice of price, service level and technology. In an industry first, the management of a strata property is done with complete transparency, facilitated by the ground-breaking application of database technology developed exclusively for Strata Real Estate Services and our affiliates.

Supplier Compliance

Why do you need to engage ONLY compliant suppliers?

Strata Real Estate Services’ role as scheme manager is to work in the 'best interest of the scheme at all times'. We hold this obligation as paramount. The schemes obligation is to 'repair and maintain the common property'.

At all times each supplier must comply with legislation which, among other things, includes obligation under Work Health and Safety, Trade Certification, PI Insurance. The combination of these ensures that a supplier is compliant. All schemes are required by law to maintain the supporting documentation for each area of compliance for 5 years.

On behalf of its clients, Strata Real Estate Services engages Trades Monitor to coordinate and ensure supplier compliance to minimise the risk to each scheme.

Unique to Strata Real Estate Services, information about each supplier is displayed on your schemes Strata Manage IT website in "Find a supplier" (by area, trade, compliance status) and when a work-order is generated.

Can I use my own Suppliers?

Yes - we encourage schemes to appoint 'preferred suppliers' and enter into beneficial contracts for maintenance with 'contracted suppliers'. Strata Real Estate Services role as scheme manager is to ensure that the supplier is complaint. We do this via the Trades Monitor system. Unique to Strata Real Estate Services, Preferred Suppliers and Contracted Suppliers are presented at the top of the list of available suppliers whenever a work-order is generated - this ensures the right supplier who knows the property (therefore saving you money) is engaged.

While committees and or owners can engage non-compliant Suppliers, they accept the full risk and responsibility for any accident or damage to the common property. Importantly the scheme cannot be covered by any insurance for such an issue.

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