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With you to guide the committee, issue arise, action is taken, issues disappear it's as simple as that….My job as Chairman is just so much easier Owner

They are a very efficient company, and even though we're a small scheme, every aspect of administration is attended to promptly and in detail. Owner

Our building was a mess before Strata Real Estate Services were engaged. The Owners Corporation was riddled with issues, disputes, and ignorance. We started seeing great improvements shortly after SRES came onboard: conflicts were resolved, questions answered and issues attended to. Management of the company were (and continue to be) exceptionally generous with their personal time and strata managers have always provided professional guidance in a timely, helpful manner. We have not experienced this type of attentive service anywhere else in the past. We are very grateful to SRES for their personal and caring approach to our building, and most importantly, for turning the building into a place where residents are happy, content, and life is peaceful. Thank you for always going above and beyond, we are not just a happy customers but big fans of SRES! Owner

The services offered are delivered promptly, in a professional manner, while ensuring that at all times the corporation complies with the various acts and regulations that govern the management of a scheme….All jobs are comprehensively tracked and recorded via the latest data-base technology, making the status of all works being carried out on our property easily accessible for the owners.Owner

Great strata company. Easy to use systems that give us access to view everything. Manager friendly, bills paid on time. All works really well. Owner

Sue and I recently purchased in Dee Why. We attended the AGM and we were both impressed with the way the meeting was conducted. We came away with confidence that the management of the strata was in good hands Owner

We were having serious problems with resident behaviour and our previous management company handed over to SRES in the face of those difficulties. Our SRES Manager promptly took the initiative and with regular site visits, breach notices and tribunal proceedings began to turn the situation around. Since then, she has been diligent in following up, settling disputes between residents and recommending appropriate action to the executive committee. We have been impressed by the breadth of experience and soundness of judgement. Owner

I have been dealing with Strata RES for a number of years. This has been in the capacity as an owner of a unit and also being the Treasurer & Secretary on the Body Corp. I found Nicole and the team professional, efficient, friendly and accommodating. From my experience, I would highly recommend Nicole and the team at Strata RES Owner

Thank you for taking the time to drive all the way to Dulwich Hill for the meeting. I hope there wasn’t too much traffic driving home. Thank you also for all your hard work during the year and being such a great Strata Manager and person too. Always a pleasure. Owner

Our Manager at Strata Real Estate Services is excellent, prompt, thorough, proactive, friendly. Thanks – it’s reassuring to know he has his eye over everything. Owner

I have had the pleasure with dealing with Strata Real Estate Services for a few years. They are always professional, reliable and their customer service is of the highest standard. Nothing is ever a problem for them. So easy and a delight to work with. Owner

Can't believe how efficient you people are...a pity their others aren't as prompt with their payments. My agreement with the contractor was that we would pay on a seven day basis, this is the main reason we are getting the prices we enjoy from them and the other contractors doing our building repairs.Thanks for keeping MY promises and therefore helping to keep the total building repairs cost down. I am constantly amazed by comments from friends about problems they have with resolving strata matters and the lack of assistance they get from their (overpaid) strata managers. My wife and I always refer them to your company but many are unable to make the transition because of the inertia of some committee members. We consider ourselves to be one of the "lucky" owner's corporations in having found your organization to assist us in managing our building. Owner

I am the Treasurer and secretary of a seven year old building in Dee Why which comprises 20 units.We changed to Strata Real Estate to manage our building some two years ago after a protracted dispute with our previous managers ******* Strata. Our dispute with them was based on poor service levels and a number of instances of overcharging by them and the contractors chosen by them to service our building. Since changing to Strata Real Estate our strata living has been trouble free and we have also saved many thousands of dollars per annum. With their assistance, we also completed a nine month refurbishment project on our building last year to rectify construction faults which were identified in a 90 page engineering report. Their accounts department is so accommodating and responsive it is almost embarrassing. Our SRES Manager and his back office operate in a most professional manner and are an extreme contrast to the majority of managing agencies we have experienced or referenced with our friends in other strata communities. Owner

Our block of 6 at Fairlight - small yet brimming with complex strata challenges! - has been managed by Strata Real Estate for the past three years. We moved from what had been a substandard strata experience spanning over 10 years to what has been an overall extremely positive one with Strata Real Estate. The staff have been supportive and responsive, and the senior management very knowledgeable and with a 'can do' attitude. Having experienced both sides of the continuum - from no service and poor advice when you could actually speak to someone and not an answer machine - we have been delighted with the expertise we receive. Owner

Good body corporate company. Happy with services provided by our manager. He is local which helps so he visits site often. Owner

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